Useful resources for nurses 

There are many resources within CareSearch that can support nurses in their work. Some of these are listed below.



Over the last decade there have been an increasing number of papers relevant to palliative care being published in more diverse journals.

Getting access to journals is not always easy. Some organisations or workplaces have subscriptions, with access via hard copy or via electronic access. Nurses who are studying at university will have access via the library there. University and Hospital librarians are a great resource and can help with searching for articles.

These journals have particular relevance for palliative care nursing:

CareSearch has a list of Specialist Palliative Care Journals


Websites are a great source for information and resources. However, before accessing information on a website it is important to check the quality and authority with which the information is provided.


The US Center to Advance Palliative Care has developed a website called ‘Get Palliative Care’. Here you can access podcasts from a series called 'A Quality Life', The podcasts relate to palliative care in America but much of what is said is relevant to Australia.

This podcast Living in the dark on plans for dying from the Radio National Law Report website is about Advance Directives. (May, 2013)

The two Hawke Centre lectures below, co-presented by the Palliative Care Council SA, explore the theme of improving the way end-of-life care is provided in hospitals:

  • Who cares? The role of communities at the end of life with Professor Roderick Macleod, University of Sydney Australia, presented July 2013.
    Professor Macleod identifies ways in which we can improve patients’ end-of-life care so that they feel valued, heard and respected. He outlines how we can reduce the reliance on clinical care and increase community input to make us a more compassionate community.
  • What is the 'end of life' and how should we respond? with Professor Michael Ashby, University of Tasmania, Australia, presented October 2012.
    Professor Ashby provides a detailed overview of international end-of-life care ideas and trends, and shares his personal experiences of delivering clinical palliative care services across three Australian states. He explores the idea of ‘healthy dying’, that is how we can prepare for death both inside the health sector and in the wider community.

Last updated 20 August 2021