Working together to extend the reach of quality palliative care 

CareSearch collaborates at varying levels with many of the national programs and initiatives, as well as with other organisations including Flinders University. In this way CareSearch strives to increase the development and reach of quality palliative care for all Australians across the life course and across the different contexts of care. It is also how CareSearch contributes to implementation of the National Palliative Care Strategy.

In these pages you can learn about our team members, our advisors, our expert reviewers, and our collaborators who make this all possible.

CareSearch staff

Meet our team members working to bring you CareSearch whenever you need it. 

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Meet the experts who guide and advise us to ensure relevance and reliability of all we do.

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Partner projects

Learn of the partner organisations we work with to deliver high quality resources.

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Major projects

Discover the many Australian programs and initiatives in palliative care.

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