Sharing information with patients and families

Providing patients and families with information and links to trustworthy information can help them plan and manage the issues they need to address.

Information you can provide

There are many palliative care resources for patients and families in different parts of this website. Any of these pages can be printed and read later. They can help you to find resources or services, or information that you can use to have discussions with others about. These pages have information on different topics.

Ordering Resources page contains booklets on palliative care. These can be ordered and sent free-of-charge to an address within Australia.

The sections Living with Illness and Managing Finances may also be useful.

The section How to Care includes information on Practical Caring.

Within the Bereavement, Grief and Loss section there are Grief and Loss Resources that include information for and about children.

Within the Finding Services and support section are resources that can also help. This includes a section on:

The GP Section also includes printable patient and carer information.

Last updated 06 September 2021