Supporting quality palliative care and care at the end of life

Most nurses will care for people that have palliative care needs. Understanding palliative care services, gaining knowledge, and developing skills in palliative care is important for all nurses.

Palliative care nursing

Understand the roles and responsibilities of nurses in palliative care.

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Explore ways to gather and share information with different audiences.

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Find out how to recognise needs and monitor for changes.

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Planning and Coordinating Care

Learn to involve individuals and teams in care planning.

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Clinical Care

Find practical information on responding to physical and psychosocial needs.

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The Dying Patient

Learn to recognise and manage imminent death and address after-death care.

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Loss, Grief and Bereavement

Learn how to support those going through grief and bereavement.

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Tools for nurses in palliative care

Find resources to support practice and guide your learning in palliative care

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