Reference guides to help GPs navigate CareSearch resources

The following guides will direct you to actionable, relevant, evidence-based CareSearch resources to assist you in providing palliative care including to specific populations.

Palliative care guide for GPs

This guide provides easy access to 10 practical resources to help GPs provide palliative care to patients within the community.

Palliative care guide for GPs - caring for rural people

Rural patients in Australia face unique challenges when accessing health care. This guide highlights practical resources for GPs providing palliative care to rural and remote patients.

Palliative care guide for GPs - caring for older people

Care considerations for older people approaching the end of their life will vary. This guide provides access to 10 key resources to help GPs meet the specific palliative care needs of older patients.

Palliative care guide for GPs - families and carers

Families and carers play a vital role in providing care to palliative care patients. This guide can be used by GPs to support them during a person’s illness and after their death.

Last updated 05 September 2023