Using CareSearch resources to improve palliative care

The My Learning modules aim to show you how to find relevant evidence and how to use the evidence resources in CareSearch to make a difference in your clinical care. These modules are free to use. After completing the learning packages and answering the review quiz, you will be able to print a certificate for your professional records. 

    You can get started by selecting one of the available modules below.

    Allied health

    Carly has been admitted to Dove House Hospice for symptom control. She and her family would benefit from multi-disciplinary care. This module demonstrates some of the work that Allied Health Professionals do in supporting patients and families at the end of life.


    Disseminating research findings

    This module is about communicating research findings in a thoughtful, planned way. It offers ideas to researchers and higher degree students that go beyond traditional conference presentation and journal publication. 


    New to palliative care

    This module is an introduction to palliative care for those who are new to the specialty.


    Knowledge translation

    This module looks at how a clinical team uses the Knowledge to Action cycle to improve outcomes for their patients. This module was developed for the Centre for Research Excellence in End of Life Care.


    Finding clinical guidance

    This module will explain how the Palliative Care Guidelines, Clinical Evidence pages, the Systematic Review collection and PubMed searches will assist you to provide better clinical care.


    Searching for evidence

    John and his wife Claire are concerned that morphine might be causing him to have vivid dreams and ask if the dose should be reduced. This module focuses on how to search in CareSearch for evidence that can help you to support John and Claire with answers to their questions.


    Using online information

    This module deals with a carer, Bruce, who faces his wife’s declining health and looks for support on the Internet. Find out how you can support Bruce to find trustworthy online information and learn about the CareSearch resources developed for patients, carers and families.


    Aged care

    Ken lives in the Kangaroo Valley Aged Care Facility. In this module you learn about resources to help you provide better clinical care for older people in residential aged care who are coming to the end of their life.



    Lana is separated from her husband and raising twins. She has received help from her mother, June. But now June is seriously ill and Lana is helping care for her. In this module you will learn about carer needs and carer resources.


    Last updated 21 December 2023