Information to guide palliative care prescribing 

A range of resources are available to guide nurses as they support patients, carers and medical officers, when relating to palliative care issues.

Clinical resources (palliative)

Clinical resources (general)

  • Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (FPM ANZCA) opioid calculator (also available as an App)
  • The eviQ opioid calculator - provides clinicians with an online tool to support the accurate conversion of one opioid regimen to an equianalgesic dose of another. (Registration required)
  • The Opioid Conversion Guidance Document, Safer Care Victoria, 2021
  • Australian Medicines Handbook - provides independent general prescribing information. It is available online in many organisations or can be purchased.

Medicine management

Information hotlines

To speak with an expert on medicines, call your local Medicines Information Service. These are usually located within the pharmacy department of your local hospital.

Last updated 02 September 2022