How to facilitate discussion and prioritise the needs of unpaid carers 

One important aspect of the nurses’ role in palliative care is that of supporting carers. Carers are those who look after someone at home, and are usually considered informal or lay carers as they are not being paid for what they do. The amount of care provided and time spent on informal caring is well documented and saves many millions of dollars each year. It is important then that support is provided for carers.

There are resources available to support carers in their role. As a nurse you can help by letting carers know where to find trustworthy information and resources. This includes CarerHelp online education about what to expect and what you can do as a life-limiting illness progresses. 

CareSearch’s Patient and Carers Hub has a section on How to Care and there is a Diversity hub on support for people from diverse backgrounds.

Last updated 20 August 2021