Finding answers to questions about death and dying

Birth and death - these are something we will all have to cope with. But when it comes to the latter, we seem reluctant to think about, talk about, and plan for it. This is your chance to find out more.

I'm curious - about death and dying

Explore what influences our views, understandings, and attitudes about death.

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Tell me about palliative care

Palliative care supports people living with a life limiting illness and their family.

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What about our digital world?

Online is changing how we learn things and share things including end of life.

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Rethinking death and dying

So, what do we think about death and dying? What matters to us?

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  • Tell us what you think

    Death is a part of life, so perhaps talking about death should be part of life too. Maybe talking about death could turn out to be a transformative and life-affirming process. What do you think?

Last updated 02 August 2021

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