Moving evidence into practice requires a plan

With hundreds of theories, models and frameworks available to guide your knowledge translation efforts, the task of planning your approach is made easier. Understanding the core activities will help you select the best for your program.


Why is dissemination important and what is involved?

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What are the key steps and what skills will I need for planning? 

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What is implementation and what does it do?

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How do we assess the worth and merit of what has been done? 

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How do we ensure the benefits of change are maintained? 

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Page created 28 March 2022

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Rank the following Knowledge Translation strategies in terms of usefulness in bringing about changes in palliative care

  • Blank Not helpful Helpful Very effective
    Printed materials such as leaflets, pamphlets, posters
    Newsletters and evidence alerts
    Clinical practice guidelines
    Audit and feedback
    Digital prompts and reminders
    Interactive workshops
    Lectures from experts in the field
    Online, self-paced learning modules