Online learning opportunities in palliative care 

Online learning gives you the flexibility to learn in your time. There are an increasing number of online teaching resources in palliative care. These vary in relation to:

  • their intended audience
  • the detail in which content is covered
  • whether they are accredited for use in continuing professional education
  • whether they require registration and/or a fee.

Some are fully developed educational programs with training and self-evaluation activities whilst others are learning opportunities on distinct topics. The learning outcomes for the activity should build or extend undergraduate, graduate or specialist capabilities depending on your learning needs.

Resources included on this list have been appraised for the quality of their content and their relevance for palliative care. If there are other resources that should be included in this list, please contact the CareSearch Team to let us know.

For online learning opportunities relevant to palliative care for older people, visit the palliAGED Online Learning page.

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Last updated 27 May 2024