Connecting with Australian palliative care researchers 

There are many palliative care research groups active within Australia. One way to get involved in research is to contact these groups and grow your network. For an insight into some examples of research in palliative care watch the videos from Australian researchers listed below.

Australian palliative care research groups

  • CeMPED (Centre for Medical Psychology & Evidence-based Decision-making)
  • Hammond Care, Palliative and Supportive Care Research
  • IMPACCT (Improving Palliative, Aged and Chronic Care through Clinical Research and Translation) University of Technology Sydney
  • PoCoG (Psycho-Oncology Co-Operative Research Group), University of Sydney
  • Palliative and Supportive Care Research

Australia's first psychedelic clinical trial

Video from St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Triage in Palliative Care

Video from UMCCR

Page updated 02 June 2022