Know the source of information and their qualification

This section provides you with some tips on using online information, how to know if it is trustworthy, and some good places to start your search.

It is always good to find out more about what is happening. Having information means making choices may be easier. It can also mean being an equal partner in making decisions. This in turn can help to reduce fear and uncertainty and may help you to regain a sense of control.

Different people need different information, sometimes given in different ways at different times. This may depend on:

  • Who they are
  • Their outlook on life and on serious illness
  • Their culture or upbringing.

Patients and family carers can ask health professionals for information. There are also many quality online resources that can help you.

Knowing where to find information you can trust is important. A few reliable sources are better than reading a lot of information of unknown quality.

Video - How patients, carers and families seek information

Last updated 02 August 2021