Improving workforce skills

These resources include training and development opportunities with a particular focus on culturally responsive palliative care.

For everyone

To build on your capacity in delivering person and culture centred care the Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA) offer two separate workshop’s focused on Indigenous Australians and Multicultural Australians. Find out more on the PEPA website.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA) training workshops can be accessed through the website and include two specific to health professionals providing palliative care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: IPEPA aims to break down the barriers to palliative care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Australia.

Care leavers

Forgotten Australians supporting survivors of institutional and out of home care is a booklet that intends to inform health professionals and service providers about the long term trauma faced by forgotten Australians and help them to relate to those experiencing this trauma. You can view online or download the booklet from the Alliance for Forgotten Australians website.

Cultural and linguistically diverse people

Palliative Care Curriculum for Undergraduates (PCC4U): Topic 4 Culture Centred care offers an online learning module that will help you to understand culture in caring for people with a life limiting illness and apply the principles of culture centred care. 


To help you get started at having discussions with homeless people about anxiety and depression, Beyond Blue: Tune in Now modules have four modules for homelessness workers to improve their skills.

Living with intellectual disability

To develop your skills in talking end of life to people with intellectual disability use the online toolkit provided by Talking end of life with people with intellectual disability (TEL).

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex

To improve your awareness of the need for inclusion in the aged care sector, watch this educational video from the Department of Health and Aged Care LGBTI: Inclusion and Awareness in aged care.

Older people

At the PalliAGED website's Practice centre you will find evidence based tools and resources you can use in your practice to support care of older people.

Rural and remote areas

For healthcare related resources relating to rural and remote populations visit PalliAGED website's pages for rural and remote populations.


To access resources that are relevant to people working with veterans who have mental health issues and training programs, visit the Pheonix Australia website.

A more comprehensive list of developing skills resources is available.

Last updated 02 August 2021