The CareSearch Project is committed the continuous improvement of palliative care in Australia. We support this by identifying, evaluating, synthesising, and disseminating trustworthy information resources and evidence so that every Australian can get quality palliative care.

David Parker - Programmer

Our mission

To ensure everyone receiving or providing palliative care has access to trustworthy evidence-based information to support person-centred decision-making and quality in care provision.

Sara Wright - Designer

Our vision

Everyone in Australia – regardless of age, location, background, or orientation – are provided with the best quality palliative care.

Elizabeth Green - Elizabeth Green

Our values

  • Quality
  • Trustworthiness
  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Universal access
  • Transparency

Our logo

The CareSearch logo is composed of the words Care and Search and highlights the connection between the clinician and patient/carer (“Care”) and we, the project, working to facilitate that care through evidence and through dissemination (“Search”).

The half circle that joins the words “care” and “search” represents the continual cycle of evidence creation through to application. Contact us to get high resolution copies of our logos. 

Master logo

Vertical logo

Our centre icons

A series of icons have been designed to represent the different sectors CareSearch works within. The icons are designed to represent the following:


Four half circles representing family, community, health professionals and CareSearch come together to support the patient.

Health Professionals

A stylised version of the DNA helix which represents not only people working directly with patients, but also researchers.


The use of the eye symbol represents vigilance, and is associated with light, wisdom, and energy.

CareSearch Project

This flower symbol is an homage to the cross pollination of information required in good project management.

Page updated 02 August 2021