CareSearch portal project

Access to current and trustworthy palliative care information is important to everyone. CareSearch has a key role in making evidence and resources about palliative care available to health professionals and to the community. 

In 2020-2023 we are undertaking a major re-structure to redesign how we connect you with knowledge and resources. Web portals bring together different resources and content to create a single site for a user group. Our new CareSearch portal will offer a rich set of integrated resources for the palliative care community that can be quickly and cleanly navigated.


Across the 2020-2023 period CareSearch will transform how we provide our resources the CareSearch Portal Project. This project will create a comprehensive and easy to navigate framework of key resources to support the needs of those affected by the need for palliative care (patients, carer, family and community) and those providing palliative care regardless of setting.

The main drivers for the portal redevelopment are:

  1. CareSearch has a large amount of content with diverse groups of users and a navigation system that needs to be made more direct.
  2. We need to be able to acknowledge, integrate and signpost to the many partners and organisations we work with in this space. This will reduce duplication and confusion in the sector.
  3. We need to exploit new capabilities in the digital environment to enhance the usefulness and value of information and resources for our users.


We have reviewed our content and the needs of different users. We are creating a framework that helps people to find what they need easily. We are assessing different ways of presenting information.  We will be working with different user groups to make sure the content is relevant, useful and easy to understand. Our content will be organised around three clusters of activity and users:

  • Community
  • Evidence Training and Translation Centre
  • Health Professionals


Works will continue throughout the 2020-2023 period against the following timetable:

July - December 2020

  • Review and analysis of existing content and content use, and system requirements.

January - March 2021

  • System testing and design.
  • Completion of background review for primary care (health professionals) and commencement of working group activity to develop/refine initial proposals.
  • Completion of background review for diversity (community) and commencement of working group activity to develop/refine initial proposals.

January - December 2021

  • Building a new CareSearch architecture and website in stages.
  • Releasing a new primary care and GP resource.
  • Creating a new resource recognising the diversity of our population.
  • Moving existing evidence resources including Finding Evidence, Clinical Evidence and Education sections to the new website site.
  • Transferring our Nurses, Allied Health, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sections to the new website.
  • Refreshing the Patients, Carers and Families section as part of the relocation to the new website.

July 2021 - June 2022

  • Building a new Evidence and Translation centre for release into the website.

July 2022 - June 2023

  • Promotion and monitoring of the new portal including performance review and user feedback.
  • Refining and enhancing our resources.

Last updated 02 August 2021