Death and dying in Australia

Death is a part of life, so how can we think differently about it? This is your chance to reconsider death and dying in Australia and its role in your life.

Three Words

We’ve asked over 500 Australians what they think about death and dying using three words. This is what they thought.

  • What three words would you choose?

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Thinking about and planning your funeral

Given we all will die, how would we liked to be remembered at your funeral. Considering practical matters well in advance can also give you a chance to reflect on what’s important to you and your family. We’ve put together some ideas about planning your own funeral. It might start you thinking.

Planning your funeral factsheet (1.20MB pdf)

What's on your bucket list?

Some argue that thinking about death and dying brings life into focus.

It can make you think about what’s important.

So, now’s your chance to share what’s on your bucket list.

We provided some common categories identified in a research study, but you have to write your choices into the box for each of the bucket list categories that you select.

We’ll collate what is added.

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  • The Bucket list

Last updated 18 September 2023