Learn about groups with specific needs

Here you can learn more about some of the diverse populations in Australia and why palliative care matters for them.

Identifying with more than one group

People often identify with more than one population group. If you would like to learn about belonging to more than one group and what that can mean for access to palliative care go to our page on Health care rights and intersectionality.

Explore how culture can influence responses to pain and palliative care

Culture influences how you express yourself and how you interact with the world. This can include your response to pain and illness, and acceptance of palliative care. In our multicultural society asking what is important to a person and their family is the best approach to providing appropriate care. Use our interactive map of the world to explore examples of cultural influences and what this could mean when providing care.

We also have an accessible version of this information.

The influence of culture on pain and palliative care

Learn why access to palliative care matters for these groups

Select a population group to find out more about their health needs in the context of palliative care. This brief summary can help you to understand the barriers that they may face in accessing palliative care services.

Last updated 02 August 2021