Coming soon - CareSearchgp App

We're excited to announce the early 2024 launch of the CareSearchgp App, a resource designed to empower GPs in delivering quality palliative care across the life course.

GPs and Palliative Care

The GP Hub reflects the reality of palliative care for GPs. There is prescribing and symptom management advice as well as information and resources relating to psychosocial complexity, clinical decision-making for the deteriorating patient, emergencies, and planning for a home death.

Patient assessment

Patient assessment is a critical step in identifying and responding to palliative care needs.

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Planning care

Being able to talk to patients and families to understand their concerns will help in planning care.

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There are a number of common symptoms. Active management can reduce distress and burden.

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Clinical decisions

GPs often have ongoing relationships with patients, and this can inform clinical decision making.

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The dying patient

Recognising dying is the first step in terminal care management.

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GPs are well placed to support family members and carers in bereavement.

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Professional practice

Find out about practice management and professional issues relevant to palliative care.

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GP Resources

Includes practitioner resources and resources for patients and families.

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