CareSearch activity 

As part of our approach to translation, we seek to create products and resources that make evidence and knowledge more accessible and useful to intended users. Products can be produced as a particular deliverable or as part of ongoing work program. While the CareSearch and palliAGED websites may be our most visible collection of products, they are by no means our only products.

In addition to website content, CareSearch produces tailored products to meet specific needs. By using different delivery formats CareSearch is also able to accommodate different learning styles within the community. As part of this we maintain collections of printable factsheets and videos addressing palliative care issues and concerns and suitable for a range of audiences. CareSearch also develops products through partnerships with external organisations based on separate funding arrangements. This includes a number of partner websites.

Development of these products is underpinned by the CareSearch model. The menu option to the right of this page can also be used to access more information about individual products.

Last updated 02 August 2021