Who pays for palliative care services?

The cost of care services can cause anxiety to those caring for others. Understanding the financial barriers to accessing services and knowing how to access funding for care can reduce anxiety and improve access to palliative care. These resources may provide assistance.

For everyone

There are payments available to support you when someone close to you dies. The Services Australia website provides information in their Death and Bereavement section.

The Australian Department of Health and Aged Care website has information on the cost of palliative care.

Care leavers

To access an information package that was developed by the government and to learn more about what is available for care leavers in aged care, visit the Department of Health and Aged Care website support for care leavers section.


To assist aged care homes that specialise in caring for people who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, the Australian Government offer a Homeless Supplement for aged care under the AN ACC funding model. Visit the Department of Health and Aged Care website for more on this.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex

For help in finding inclusive services, visit My Aged Care website section on support for LGBTI people.

Older people

Many aged care services are subsidised by the Australian government to help older people to have fair access to care. People are expected to contribute to care costs if they can afford to. To find out more about financial assistance for older people visit the My Aged Care website section on support for financially disadvantaged people.


For community nursing providers, visit the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) website section on Information for community nursing providers to find out how to access DVA funding for services provided to the DVA community.

A more comprehensive list of funding services resources is available.

Last updated 02 August 2021