Acute and palliative care

The acute care section contains evidence-based palliative care information and resources for health professionals providing services to patients who identify as requiring end-of-life care (within the last 12 months of life) and those in the terminal phase of life where death is imminent and likely within hours or days, or occasionally weeks, and their families and carers.

Recognising the need for palliative care

Identify changes in patient care needs.

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Communication and shared decision-making

Find resources to aid in communication.

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Planning for palliative care provision

Learn about existing models of care that are currently in use.

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Palliative care within the acute care setting

Review key documents addressing palliative care in acute care.

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Responding to patient needs

Find information for clinical and nonclinical needs.

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Discover the roles and scope of practice of others that can assist.

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Patient transitions and coordination of care

Find information and resources to support the movement of patients along their care pathway.Read more

Grief and Bereavement

Learn what you can do and find resources to support families and carers. Read more


Find online education and opportunities for professional development.Read more

Last updated 05 December 2022