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CareSearch tools and checklists for nurses

The following forms, checklists and tools have been developed or reproduced by CareSearch/palliAGED to assist you in providing palliative care. These may be downloaded for free.


Planning care

Clinical decisions

The dying patient

Supporting families


To share with interdisciplinary team members as appropriate

CareSearch partner projects

CareSearch partner projects have a formal agreement with CareSearch to produce or maintain content relevant to palliative care. In practical terms, these alliances allow for an expanded information and resource base with content quality and trustworthiness.

The CareSearch Partner projects are listed in the About Us section of CareSearch.

Other resources


There is an increasing number of papers relevant to palliative care being published in more diverse journals.

Getting access to journals is not always easy. Some organisations or workplaces have subscriptions, with access via hard copy or via electronic access. Nurses who are studying at university will have access via the library there. University and Hospital librarians are a great resource and can help with searching for articles.

These journals have particular relevance for palliative care nursing:

CareSearch has a list of Specialist Palliative Care Journals


Websites are a great source for information and resources. However, before accessing information on a website it is important to check the quality and authority with which the information is provided. Remember also that the context of care will differ from country to country.

Last updated 21 May 2024