Inclusive practice

We are all shaped by many backgrounds. This includes culture, language, gender, where we live, our experiences and preferences.

We are all unique.


What makes you unique can also mean finding care that fits with you can be hard. There may be places that fit some of your needs. You might know some of these. Perhaps they provide care for older people or for people from a certain culture.

But do they consider all your needs and preferences?

We can often overlook the whole person.


When we consider only part of who you are then we overlook the whole person. Sometimes it can feel like leaving part of yourself outside.

Needing palliative care is already hard. Not feeling welcome or understood makes it even harder. It can stop you from getting the care you need and want.

Inclusive practice recognises nd respects all of you when planning care.


Letting others know who you are is important. For health professionals, getting to know the person is where it starts.

Last updated 02 August 2021