Ten ways CareSearch can support GPs to work with families and carers of people with life limiting illness

1. Patient and carers

The CareSearch patient and carers webpages provide practical information and resources to help carers care for someone with a life-limiting illness. You can order free booklets to provide to carers and families.

2. End of life care

If dealing with patients for whom English is a second language, you can provide them with End of life care information in different community languages. This can make it easier to communicate with patients, families and carers. You should also consider the need for an interpreter.

    3. What is palliative care

    What is palliative care factsheet (166kb pdf) can provide information to families and carers on the scope of palliative care.

      4. Advance care planning

      Including carers and families in advance care planning can provide an opportunity to discuss, plan, and record the patients care preferences.

      5. Life-limiting illness

      Provide factsheets on topics that are needed by patients, families and carers such as Caring for someone with life limiting illness factsheet (413kb pdf) or Managing Life-limiting Illness with Medicines (405kb pdf).

      6. GP checklist

      Most people would prefer to die at home. The involvement of their GP is critical in enabling this for the patient and the family. The GP Checklist is an interactive checklist that can be downloaded and used to plan for a home death by the GP.

      7. Carer assessment

      Carer assessment can help check their wellbeing in a stressful situation, help them understand what is happening and what is likely to happen, support self-efficacy and coping strategies, and offer timely referral.


      8. At the end

      At the end factsheet (353kb pdf) can prepare the family and carer with what to expect when the patient is dying.

      9. Following up the bereaved

      GPs need to consider following up the patient’s family following a death. Following up the bereaved provides useful advice for GPs assisting those who have experienced loss.

      10. GP Hub

      For more information go to the GP Hub.

      Last updated 02 December 2022