Learning options in palliative care for you and your trainer

Careworkers provide personal care and support to residents in aged care, and to older people in hospitals and private residences. They are the largest group of workers in aged care. Careworkers are also involved in supporting residents with palliative care needs.

Online learning and resources for careworkers are listed below. They will be added to as new resources for careworkers are released.

Other general information about careworkers providing palliative care are also listed.

Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care
Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care provide a 30 minute course on How to protect yourself and the people you care about from infection with COVID-19.

CareSearch My Learning modules
A series of case-based online learning modules that introduce the resources in CareSearch and how they can be used in clinical practice. Ranging in level from beginner to advanced. The following modules may be of interest to careworkers with an interest in understanding evidence-based practice: Modules 4, 5, 6, 9, 10.

Cross-cultural Program for Aged Care Staff
This program aims to support staff in residential aged care to provide high-quality cross-cultural care for residents and to improve team cohesion. Units 4 & 5 are relevant to people with life-limiting illness and end-of-life needs.

Dementia Training Australia
Free online courses, resources and webinars.
Dementia Training Australia (DTA) is funded by the Australian Government to provide nationwide education and training on the care of people living with dementia. A variety of courses are offered for free, including the following which are likely to be of interest for careworkers caring for people with dementia.

Training modules on motor neurone disease
The 26 Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Aware training modules provide health and community care professionals with a basic understanding of MND and the impact of MND on an individual's life. See Session 5 The needs of people living with MND - an overview.

palliAGED has introductory learning modules for aged care nurses and careworkers are likely to find many of these useful and relevant to their scope of practice.

palliAGED Training and Education has information and resources for careworkers who work in residential aged care.

The Agency for Clinical Innovation - series of educational videos including caring tips and information delivered by the HammondCare consortium. A video of likely interest to careworkers is:

Recognising and reporting changes in residents' health: An education and training package for aged care facility staff. (217kb pdf) (to be delivered by facility staff). This training package developed by La Trobe University includes 8 modules, one specifically relevant to end of life care. Available for purchase online.

Reverse PEPA placements - In-facility training
The Australian government funded Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA) can provide in-service training and education in the palliative approach to care through its Reverse PEPA placement program.

PEPA Placements
Develop skills in the palliative approach to care by undertaking a supervised placement with specialist palliative care.

Reverse PEPA Placements
Arranged for a specialist palliative care professional to come to your workplace and provide on-site education

Last updated 20 February 2024