Many things shape our views

All of us have different understandings and experience around death and dying. Our views are shaped by our families, our communities and our society. Take some time to learn about rituals and practices in other parts of the world or check out favourite books and movies about death and dying. 

Death around the world

People and societies differ in how they view death. We have created an interactive map of death and funeral rites for you to explore. 

Discover the diverse rituals and perceptions of death and dying from around the world. Links for you to explore further have been included for each country's death traditions.

We also have an accessible version of this information.

View our death around the world map

Arts and media

The songs we listen to, the books we read, and the films and shows we watch all shape how we think about death. 

We’ve included what the participants in the Dying2Learn 2018 MOOC saw as their favourites and you can also share you own favourites. 

We’ll update the list and share ideas on social media Dying2Learn Twitter.

  • What movies and books influenced your views about death and dying?

Dying2Learn Favourites

Top 10 books and movies

Top 10 Favourite books and movies chosen by Dying2Learn participants (360kb pdf)

Children's books

Books to help kids understand death and grief (1.80MB pdf)

Music for memories

Spotify list of favourite songs chosen by Dying2Learn participants

Language matters

Sometimes people can find it hard to use the words death and dying. We soften the blow by using a euphemism.

Deb Rawlings wrote about the many euphemisms we use based on the phrases and words that the Dying2Learn participants shared in a piece for The Conversation, Passed away, kicked the bucket, pushing up daisies – the many ways we don’t talk about death.

So, what am I likely to die of?

The mortality rate, despite all the achievements of modern medicine, continues to be 100%. Most of us are living longer and dying older. 

As a result, what we are dying of is also changing.

Take our online quiz and test your knowledge of the top 5 causes of death in Australia.

We also have an accessible version of the results for this activity. 

Last updated 02 August 2021