Applying the CareSearch model to ensure quality 

CareSearch partner projects are a subset of our collaborations where CareSearch and/or palliAGED has a formal agreement to produce or maintain content relevant to palliative care. This provides CareSearch with some surety about the evidence base and quality of content production processes. In practical terms the integration of our Partner projects into the CareSearch website allows for an expanded information and resource base while maintaining content quality and trustworthiness. In this way CareSearch supports palliative care needs across the life course and across the varied contexts of care with trustworthy information.

Our key formal partnerships are held with:

The Advance Project

Resources on initiating advance care planning and palliative care in general practice and aged care.

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ARIIA: Aged Care Research & Industry Innovation Australia

An initiative for increasing Australian aged care workforce capability and capacity through innovation incubators, grants, industry training, and the Knowledge and Implementation Hub—a website providing trustworthy information for aged care workers, service providers, older Australians, and their families.

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Resources for those providing care for someone with a terminal illness.

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Resources for community service providers and health care professionals to support carers to help manage breakthrough symptoms safely using subcutaneous medicines.

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End-of-Life Essentials

Learning opportunities and practice resources for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to improve the quality and safety of end-of-life care in hospitals.

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Information, practice and service resources including toolkits, service linkage support for aged care, and digital innovations.

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Evidence and practice resources for aged care including palliAGED apps and practice tip sheets for care workers and nurses.

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Palliative Care Connect

Palliative Care Connect is a statewide service that provides information and links to palliative care and bereavement supports in South Australia. It provides an information line for people with life-limiting families, their families, and health professionals as well as access to the Palliative Care Navigators service.

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Paediatric palliative care resources and education.

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Research Centre for Palliative Care, Death and Dying

Research focuses on palliative care across the health system, death and dying across the community, and online evidence and practice translation.

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Talking End of Life (TEL)

Palliative care and planning information and resources for those supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

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Last updated 20 December 2023