Providing inclusive palliative care

Recognising diversity can help to improve palliative care services and support for everyone. You can use this section to reflect on diversity in your community and the diversity of those you work with. This will help you to understand some of the potential barriers to accessing and providing palliative care services. You will also find a list of resources to assist you to overcome some of the barriers to providing inclusive care.

Know your community and reflect on your practice

Use the data from the QuickStats map and the form below to record the profile of your community. 

First, visit the QuickStats map. Enter your postcode and then click ‘GO'. This will show you age groups, languages spoken, country of birth, employment, and more for that suburb or area. 

Then use the practice reflection form to record your community profile and to reflect on your practice, your organisations services, and your team. From this you may identify areas for improvement.

Addressing barriers to care

To address some of the common barriers to providing inclusive care for diverse populations select from the list below to find useful resources based on your needs and those of your community and team. 

Last updated 31 July 2023