Learning Modules

Each year, the Dying2Learn course has been delivered online over a five week period. Dying2Learn is run online via OpenLearning, a social online learning platform that delivers over 1500 MOOCs worldwide. Dying2Learn provides an opportunity to supportively learn about and contribute to discussions on issues around death and dying. The course leaders help guide students in their learning, but students are viewed as co-contributors rather than just recipients of education.

Learning Modules covered in Dying2Learn:
  1. How does today's society engage with death and dying? How do we use language to describe it?
  2. What does death 'look' like? How is death and dying portrayed in the media?
  3. If death is the problem, is medicine the answer? A look at what we die of, the role of medicine, and prolonging life versus prolonging death.
  4. Digital dying: Death during the internet-age.
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Page last updated 30 July 2018