Key resources and issues

This section is aimed at raising awareness of selected resources that can be of help during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more resources visit:

COVID-19 medication management

University of Liverpool (UK) has developed a COVID-19 treatment drug interactions checker, to assist prescribers assess the potential for drug-drug interactions between regular treatments and experimental COVID-19 therapies.

They also have printable pdf versions of regularly updated information on the nature of drug interactions according to therapy target (antiviral or immune system).

[Note cross-examination of these medications with the Australian Medicines Handbook may be advisable]

Visit the following Australian resources for more support:

Supporting staff and self-care

Highlighted Resource

A group of trauma specialists in the UK have recognised the need to support managers and decision makers in their psychosocial response to COVID-19. The result of this is a consensus based and trauma-informed Guidance for planners of the psychosocial response to stress experienced by hospital staff associated with COVID: Early Interventions (415kb pdf).

King's Fund UK have summarised the document to create a quick reference graphic and you can print it out from their website for your office or staff room.

Infographic courtesy of healthdirect.

The COVID trauma resonse working group note that staff working in hospitals may experience a range of normal reactions to highly stressful situations. However, they found that there is limited research into interventions, particularly in response to multiple events or where those offering support are also exposed to a shared threat. You can read about their work at

Visit the following resources for more support with staff self-care

Last updated 13 August 2021