The End-of-Life Essentials Project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health 

We acknowledge the generous contribution of time and expertise by the members of the Advisory Group
  • Professor Katy Clark
  • Dr Chris Drummond
  • Ms Nicola Dunbar
  • Ms Sue Hanson
  • Ms Jennifer Hill
  • Professor Imogen Mitchell
  • Ms Kate Munro
  • Ms Naomi Poole
  • Dr Alison Russell
Many members of the clinical community have donated their time to the review of content, resources and products associated with this project. We would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for their contribution
  • Ms Tarah Baker
  • Associate Professor Josephine Clayton
  • Ms Valerie Colgan
  • Dr Aileen Collier
  • Professor David Currow
  • Dr Christine Drummond
  • Dr Sadie Dunn
  • Ms Bronwen Hewitt
  • Professor Ken Hillman
  • Ms Jeanette Lacey
  • Dr Juli Moran
  • Dr Deidre Morgan
  • Ms Deborah Rawlings
  • Ms Raelene Rees
  • Dr Ravi Ruberu
  • Professor Lambert Schuwirth
  • Ms Karen Sherwell
  • Dr Nicholas Waldron
We would like to acknowledge the work of our commercial partners in developing the End-of-Life Essentials Project
  • Flinders Creations
  • MADhouse Marketing and Design
  • Morton Blacketer Pty Ltd
  • Reward Design Pty Ltd
We acknowledge the following doctors, nurses and allied health professionals around Australia who participated in usability testing of the modules in the development phase
  • Dr Kerrie Aust
  • Ms Estelle Baker
  • Ms Carol Barbeler
  • Ms Sue Berry
  • Dr Kaye Basire
  • Dr Pretoria Bilinski
  • Dr Sandra Bradley
  • Dr Brandon Burke
  • Dr Aileen Collier
  • Ms Lisa Connell
  • Ms Karen Conte
  • Ms Xiaoling Costain
  • Dr Geoff Cutfield
  • Ms Monica Dowling
  • Ms Angela Franco
  • Ms Melanie Hahne
  • Ms Jennellda Harlow
  • Ms Debbie Hynds
  • Ms Helen Kendrick
  • Ms Mikaela Lawrence
  • Ms Lisa Mahon
  • Ms Coral Marks
  • Ms Meg McNaught
  • Mr Ian Millard
  • Ms Tameeka Mulquiney
  • Ms Stacey Palfreyman
  • Ms Claire Perry
  • Ms Deborah Rawlings
  • Ms Sandra Rawson
  • Ms Rose Sexton
  • Ms Lisa Shaw
  • Ms Jo-Anne Slee
  • Ms Janet Taylor
  • Ms Janet Vermeeren
  • Ms Kasey Walsh
We acknowledge the video production team from Flinders Creations who produced the videos for this project and the actors who played the roles in the scenarios
  • Dr Matthew Hawkins
  • Mr Jordan Agutter
  • Mr Manny Ashman
  • Mr Benno Thiel
  • Ms Emily Branford
  • Ms Lizzie Hay
  • Mr Lochy Maybury
  • Ms Jacqui Phillips
  • Mr Stephen Sheehan
  • Mr Jermaine Hampton
  • Ms Maylin Superio
  • Mr Mit Lade
End-of-Life Essentials Project Team
  • Ms Kim Devery
  • Ms Caroline Litster
  • Ms Natasha Tsoupas
  • Ms Helen Preece
  • Ms Jane Durbridge
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Tieman
  • Ms Mikaela Lawrence
The CareSearch project is providing the infrastructure for the End-of-Life Essentials Project e-learning and website. They are also responsible for the development of the implementation toolkit.

Last updated 10 October 2016