Tips For Visitors

Sometimes carers can find it difficult to accept offers of help. They need to know that an offer is sincere. It is important to respect and acknowledge the needs of the carer. Don’t make any arrangements without their permission. Respect their privacy by calling ahead.

  • Physical help – take over a meal, take home a load of washing, do the shopping, drive them to appointments, cut the lawn, and prune the roses
  • Time out - Give the carer a chance to have a break, offer to sit with the person who is ill
  • Company and social support - an offer of a visit, take afternoon tea and wash up, offer them a listening ear. Ask how long you should stay
  • Helpful information - Find out about community supports such as a chemist that home delivers, or if the local library has a volunteer service that will bring around books and videos
  • Helping with children - offer to have them over to play, or for a sleepover, organise a car pool to get them to school, sport and other commitments
  • Passing on messages – let others know if visits are not wanted at the moment.



Last updated 06 December 2018