Nurses Views


Sharing experiences is a valuable way to support others and to gain new knowledge and insights. In this section Nurses from different clinical areas and professional roles share their experiences and views of palliative care nursing.


Ros LockhartNurses Views: Ros Lockhart – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
Ros talks about case management in the community for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.
Michelle JamesNurses Views: Michelle James – District Nursing
Michelle talks about her role as a palliative care resource nurse in RDNS.
Roma DickerNurses Views: Roma Dicker - Palliative care and residential aged care
Roma talks about the important role and the needs of residential aged care in providing care for their residents at the end of life.
Marg Adams imageNurses Views: Marg Adams - Nurse Practitioner Role
Marg Adams talks of the importance of the extended role of the Nurse Practitioner.
Carol Hope imageNurses Views: Carol Hope - Further Education & Studies
Carol Hope talks about pursuing higher studies and career pathways.
Meg Hegarty imageNurses Views: Meg Hegarty - Spirituality at The End of Life
Meg talks about caring for the spirit in palliative care nursing, approaches to this kind of care and what it requires of us.
Judy Frost imageNurses Views: Judy Frost - Paediatric Palliative Care
Judy talks about some of the relevant areas in the care of children, and about Paediatric palliative care nursing.
Claudia Giugni imageNurses Views: Claudia Giugni - Nurses as Project Managers
Claudia talks about the role that nurses can play in palliative care projects and the skills that they bring to this role.
Fran Gore imageNurses Views: Fran Gore - Community Nurse Manager
Fran talks of community palliative care nursing and what she sees as some of the issues faced by nurses and managers in this area of practice.
Beth Thomas imageNurses Views: Elizabeth (Beth) Thomas - Nurses Working in Regional and Rural Areas
Beth talks of some of the challenges of working in regional areas and some of the issues nurses face outside of metropolitan services.
Jane Phillips imageNurses Views: Jane Phillips - Starting as Inaugural Chair of Palliative Nursing at Notre Dame
Professor Jane Phillips talks of her experience in establishing a new palliative care nursing department, and what she sees as important issues for palliative care nurses in the future.
Marg O'Connor imageNurses Views: Marg O'Connor - Nurse Academic / Researcher
Professor Margaret O’Connor describes the importance of palliative care nursing research for the future, and the contribution that she sees nurse researchers making to the research agenda.
Patsy Yates imageNurses Views: Patsy Yates - Education
Professor Patsy Yates talks of what she sees as important for nurses in the future and the challenges she thinks nurses and educators face in ensuring a well educated workforce.
Deb Parker imageNurses Views: Deb Parker
Deb Parker, Director of the University of Queensland/Blue Care Research and Practice Development Centre and Director of the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Community Care talks of her interest in Aged Care Palliative Care.
Image John RosenbergNurses Views: John Rosenberg, Chair of PCNA
John Rosenberg, Chair of PCNA, talks about the significant role that nurses play in palliative care, the role of evidence, research and literature in informing palliative care nursing and CareSearch’s Nurses Hub as providing access to this material.


Last updated 25 March 2019