In the era of evidenced-based practice, research is a vital component of current and future nursing practice. All nurses, regardless of their role or workplace will encounter research throughout their career. Their involvement will vary.

While some nurses will be involved in conceptualising and initiating research, others will be putting into practice the outcomes of research so as to deliver the best possible care to the patient.

Nurses can sometimes be unsure about the ethics of conducting research in vulnerable patient populations, such as those at the end-of-life. However, it has been shown that studies in this population are appropriate. Patients are often rewarded in knowing that their participation will benefit those who will follow in the future. If patients have all the information they need to make an informed choice and decide to go ahead, nurses are in the best position to support them.

Having easy access to up to date resources regarding research is important no matter what your role.


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  • From the Primary HealthCare Research and Information Service (PHCRIS) a series of research video guides

Last updated 25 March 2019