Young People Provide Care Too

Family members will often take on the role of carer. Their children may then have to do more to help out at home.

You may be a young person who is providing care for one of your parents or another member of your family who is ill. You might provide help occasionally or do much more than that.

Caring for someone is a great responsibility. It can be both physically and emotionally demanding. It can mean that you spend less time at school and with your friends. You may often be tired or less able to concentrate. Some children or teenagers become depressed and feel alone or different. Taking on a caring role may also affect your relationship with your friends, brothers and sisters.

You may try to cope on your own. You may not have told anyone what is happening at home. Think about talking to someone outside the home, such as a school counsellor or the parent of one of your friends.



Fact Sheets

  • Carers NSW has a series of Brochures that provide useful information for carers.

Last updated 01 December 2017