Palliative care


The Fundamentals of Palliative Care is a series of learning packages designed for any health care worker – registered and non-registered staff – who are caring for people with a palliative care need. There are four modules:

  1. Essence of Palliative Care – This is a foundation module and is a pre-requisite to enrolling in further modules in the programme. It covers palliative care concepts and the culture of care.
  2. The palliative care approach – a single module covering communication, ethics, and spirituality.
  3. Managing pain and long-term illness – two modules covering pain, other symptoms, and pharmacology As well as chronic illness and dementia.
  4. Care and support at the end of life – single module covering last days of life, grief, loss, and caring for ourselves.



Target audience

All health workers who are caring for people with palliative needs

Time to complete

30-60 minutes depending on the module. The modules are self-paced and at various points in the modules participants are encouraged to pause and think, or to take a break.


Hospice New Zealand


Upon registration, new users must receive a confirmation e-mail before they can access the course.

At the start of each module, a quick quiz is to be completed to acknowledge what the participant already knows about the topic(s).

Once the foundation module and the related questionnaire are completed, the other modules can be completed independently, with a certificate of completion available for each. Participants located in New Zealand can also undertake workshops following completion of online learning.

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Payment required


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Country of origin

New Zealand

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Last updated 28 February 2024