Please watch the video below to see Professor Roger Stancliffe from the University of Sydney describe how you can use the modules.


'Talking End of Life': How to use the online toolkit.


The 12 modules are designed around a suite of 3 topics:

  1. How do I do this?  Any or all of these 5 modules will help if you're unsure about your role, how to teach about the end of life, or how to manage cultural beliefs or feelings.

  2. Teaching how to understand end of life: Any or all of these 3 modules will help you to teach about dying, death, and loss, grief and mourning.

  3. Teaching the planning options: Any or all of these 4 modules will help if you want to teach about how to plan for dying and death.

The relationship between the 3 topics and 12 modules can be seen visually below:

TEL Module graphic


TEL is designed for disability support professionals (DSPs) but is also helpful for others including families, health professionals and educators. Some information could also be accessed by people with intellectual disability.

You can do each module as a stand-alone, or any number of modules in any order.

You can do each module by yourself. If you'd like to run the module for a group of people there is a facilitator's guide to help you.

Please note: You cannot access the modules on a mobile phone.  Using a personal computer will give you the best experience.

Choose a module below to get started.



How do I do this?

5 modules which help you understand your role as a disability support worker.


Teaching how to understand end of life

3 modules covering the key issues about dying and death.


Teaching the planning options

4 modules about the things people with intellectual disability might want to plan for regarding their own end of life.



Page last updated 8 March 2024

Artwork is by and in memoriam: Derek Coyle (1960-2014), an artist supported by Sunshine’s Community Access Program Art Studio


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