National Standards Assessment Program
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Palliative Care AustraliaNational Standards Assessment Program (NSAP)

Improving quality of care at the end of life

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NSAP is a quality improvement program, administered by Palliative Care Australia, available for all specialist palliative care services across Australia. It is a program that enables services to engage in continuous quality improvement through self assessment against the National Palliative Care Standards  (Standards for Providing Quality Palliative Care for all Australians, 2005, Palliative Care Australia), followed by action plan development and implementation over a 2 year cycle.

Participation in NSAP enables palliative care services to:

  • Review (every 2 years) how the Service meets the National Palliative Care Standards
  • Prioritise key improvement quality areas to better meet the National Palliative Care Standards
  • Develop and implement a quality improvement action plan (based on the Services quality resources, strategic plan and latest evidence)
  • Provide national feedback to the Government and Education Department of the key quality issues the palliative care sector is facing.


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