Acknowledging 2009 contributions from our palliative care community

Developing resources and materials for inclusion in the CareSearch website and in developing the Knowledge Network relies on the skills and time of many members of the palliative care community. We would like to thank the following organisations and individuals, who have donated their time and expertise to the project in 2009.

Committee Members

Knowledge Network Management Group

  • Dr Peter Martin (Chairperson), Barwon Health
  • Professor David Currow, Flinders University
  • Ms Donna Daniell, Palliative Care Australia
  • Mr Gary Doherty, CSIRO
  • Mr Chris Hall, Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement
  • Ms Wendy Jansen, National Institute of Clinical Studies (NICS) Fellow
  • Ms Ros Lockhart, Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses
  • Associate Professor Geoff Mitchell, University of Queensland
  • Ms Mary Reid, Carers Australia 
  • Ms Rosanne Rositano
  • Dr Ruth Sladek
  • Ms Robin Toohey, Consumers Health Forum

National Advisory Group

  • Dr James Cooper (Chairperson), General Practitioner
  • Ms Debbie Bampton, Australian General Practice Network
  • Ms Judy Callaghan, Cochrane Consumer Network
  • Dr Tony Cocchiaro, Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia
  • Mr Paul Cook, HN McLean Memorial Retirement Village
  • Rosemary Cooper, Palliative Care Nurses Association
  • Dr Greg Crawford, Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine
  • Ms Prue Deacon, HealthInsite
  • Mr David Emmett, PCC4U Project
  • Ms Kathy Hendry, Palliative Care Outcomes Collaborative
  • Ms Eleanor Jackson-Bowers, Primary Health Care Research and Information Services
  • Mr Kevin Larkins, Palliative Care Victoria
  • Dr Helen Lindner, Allied Health Professionals of Australia
  • Ms Mary Reid, Carers Australia
  • Ms Sally Robert, Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement
  • Ms Liz Stickland, Respecting Patient Choices
  • Mr Peter Sparrow, South and East Metropolitan Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre
  • Dr Rohan Vora, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Ms Cherie Waight, National Association for Controlled Aboriginal Communities Organisation
  • Ms Pauline Wardle, National Rural Health Alliance

CareSearch Nurses Information Newsletter Advisory Group

  • Ms Maree Banfield
  • Ms Kathy Bennett
  • Ms Rosemary Cooper
  • Ms Meg Hegarty
  • Ms Wendy Jansen

Groups and organisations

  • HONCode
  • Health Insite
  • Southern Adelaide Palliative Services
  • Repatriation General Hospital


  • Professor Michael Ashby
  • Carol Booth
  • Dr Mark Boughey
  • Sharon Bowering
  • Dr Will Cairns
  • Tony Cole
  • Patrick Cox
  • Dr Karen Cooper
  • Simone Connell
  • Dr Greg Crawford
  • Professor David Currow
  • Professor Patricia Davidson
  • Dr John Dawes
  • Alison Farrington
  • Dianne Few
  • Claudia Giugni
  • Dr Judi Greaves
  • Aine Greene
  • Heather Grigg
  • John Haberecht
  • Lynnette Hammond
  • Elizabeth Keam
  • Dr Judith Lacey
  • Kevin Larkin
  • Associate Professor Liz Lobb
  • Julie Marker
  • Associate Professor Geoff Mitchell
  • Moira O'Connor
  • Julie Paul
  • Dr Jane Phillips
  • Mary Reid
  • Tess Riches
  • Robin Toohey
  • Dr Anne Wilkinson

Last updated 11 August 2009