CareSearch team 2020 - 2023

Professor Jennifer Tieman

Matthew Flinders Fellow, CareSearch and Research Centre for Palliative Care, Death and Dying Director

Jennifer is the CareSearch Director and Chief Investigator for the project. As the Director, Jennifer's role is to manage the project and the project team. Prior to her involvement with CareSearch, she had managed projects and teams within the government, community and education sectors.

Dr Katrina Erny-Albrecht

Senior Research Fellow

Katrina Erny-Albrecht is the Senior Research Fellow for the CareSearch project, her responsibilities include management of CareSearch and palliAGED website content. With a background in evidence based research synthesis to inform health care policy and practice decision making, she has previously worked on projects for the government, education and commercial sectors.

Dr Deborah van Gaans

Research Associate

Deborah is the Research Associate (Evidence) for the CareSearch project. In her role she will identify, critically analyse, and synthesize research evidence in palliative care to aid the development of resources for the General Practitioner and primary health community. She has a background in health informatics and spatial science, and has led a couple of projects which assess the accessibility of health services to the population that they serve.

Kristina Walsh

Research Associate

Kristina Walsh is a Research Associate for CareSearch and PalliAGED. Kristina has a registered nurse background with a particular focus on community nursing. Having spent many years caring for people towards the end of life at home and supporting people with chronic and complex health conditions, Kristina will focus on the community aspects of CareSearch and PalliAGED.

Ruth Murton

Web Content Administration

Ruth Murton is the Web Content Administrator for the project and is responsible for transferring material into the web environment. Ruth works with our IT partner, Morton Blacketer, on functional issues relating to the various systems in the website.

Cameron Shepherd

Project Officer

Cameron Shepherd works as a Project Officer assisting in the maintenance and administration of the CareSearch website. Cameron is also responsible for the distribution of newsletters and branded emails as well as assisting in various research and project activities including survey analysis, bibliographic analysis and qualitative analysis.

Mariane Umali

Marketing Manager

Mariane Umali is the Marketing Coordinator for the CareSearch project and is responsible for developing and implementing marketing and communication strategies for both CareSearch and palliAGED. Mariane has experience working for health, education, and not-for-profit sectors.

Samantha Parker

Marketing Assistant

Samantha Parker is the Marketing Assistant for the CareSearch project and is responsible for assisting with a range of marketing and communication activities for both CareSearch and palliAGED. Samantha has experience as both an assistant marketing coordinator and project administrator.

Grace Daw


Grace is the administrative assistant for CareSearch. She deals with invoicing and other administrative tasks, and also assists the web team when required.

Eric Yang

Web Systems Manager (CareSearch Group)

Eric Yang is the Web Systems Manager for CareSearch Group. His responsible is to provide technical leadership to support the operation of the CareSearch Group of websites and applications. Eric has experience in website design, database design and development, data analytics and information system project management.

Last updated 02 August 2021