Caring for someone with advanced cancer is a big undertaking and depending on your needs, many of the jobs involved may be new to your caregiver.

What may help

Community nurse

Community nurses can often come to your home and teach carers how to carry out many of the tasks. They may for example help organise medications, demonstrate how to change dressings or give advice on aids. Your doctor or local hospital should have details about services available in your area, or ask at your nearest community health centre.

For more information

  • The Palliative Care South Australia has a resource called Palliative Caring at Home, which provides information for caregivers about the practical aspects of caring for someone at home. Freecall 1800 660 055
  • The Cancer Council NSW booklet on Caring For Someone with Cancer. Call the Helpline on 13 11 20 to get a copy sent to you
  • Carers NSW has information and fact sheets that may help. Freecall 1800 242 636.
  • CareSearch also has information on practical care giving and has contact details for national and state support.

Last updated 30 August 2015