Taking on a caring role can mean hobbies, social outings, work, travel, holidays, shopping and time with family and friends fall by the wayside. These are sacrifices many caregivers are prepared to make for someone they love, but they may also feel a sense of loss, loneliness or isolation because of these social limitations.

It is important that your carer somehow finds time for social activities, since doing things they enjoy will help sustain a positive approach to their caring role and relieve the stress on their other relationships.

What may help

Talk about it

If your caregiver is generally positive about their role, those around them may not realise how much they are missing in their life. Being open and honest with family and friends may draw out some helpful ideas and offers of help.

Respite care

Family, friends or community members may be able to offer a caregiver some informal respite so they can take part in occasional, or preferably regular, social activities. Formal relief care from agencies may also be available.

Last updated 30 August 2015