Purpose of Life, Hope and Reality 

Progress in cancer screening and treatment have resulted in an increase in the number of people diagnosed with cancer and the number of people who live with it for longer periods of time. For some, following intense treatment, the cancer may be cured, whereas for others it can spread or come back. This means that some individuals live with the disease for many years.

The web pages provide information about the needs that people with advanced cancer may be experiencing and key strategies to help in managing these. It also provides information about other resources and services for further support, if needed.

This section draws on the many information resources that already exist for people with advanced cancer, including those available from state based Cancer Councils. It aims to bring this information together into one resource and presents key take-home messages. The pages integrates the most recent research evidence, as well as experiences of people with advanced cancer, their family, friends and health professionals. This may help you, and your family and friends, manage some of the challenges imposed by an advanced cancer. We hope that this information will assist you to live as well as possible.

Cancer comes in many different forms, with many different treatments and even the same cancer can affect people differently. You will find responses to some common questions and concerns throughout this booklet and although no single answer will cover every need you may be experiencing, this booklet may help you identify your needs and provide some information about where you can go to obtain additional care and assistance.

These web pages are not meant to replace the information given to you by your health care provider; rather it is designed to complement their advice and suggestions.

Last updated 30 August 2015