Guidelines providing access to evidence you can trust

Health care quality standards and indicators tell you what outcomes are expected of the care you provide and what structures should be in place or available. Achieving aspirational care goals and standards requires access to evidence-based guidance on what works and how to implement this in practice.

A good place to start is to ask what palliative care guidance is currently used within your organisation. If there is none or it requires updating, then you will need to know where to access evidence.

However, healthcare practitioners often lack the time and skills to sift through every study, judge its value and decide whether it should be applied in patient care. Evidence-based resources including national- and state-based guidelines and guidance documents can help. These might be used directly to guide care or referred to when updating or developing local guidance that better reflects your local care context.

Here we list selected guidelines and guidance specific to palliative care in Australia. If you know of other guidance documents that might be considered for this collection please contact us at

Last updated 08 September 2021