Safe handling of cytotoxic drugs and related waste.


The learning objectives for this course are based on the Oral and Intravenous Chemotherapy Nurse Training Program. The competency criteria for this program are:
  1. Ability to access guidelines related to safe handling of cytotoxic drugs and related waste
  2. Identify the packaging and transport requirements of cytotoxic drugs within your local setting
  3. List the common causes of exposure to cytotoxic drugs and related cytotoxic contaminated waste, and steps to minimise exposure
  4. Demonstrate the correct disposal of cytotoxic contaminated waste, linen and equipment
  5. Explain the precautions to be taken for handling patients’ body waste following cytotoxic administration
  6. Demonstrate correct use of PPE when handling cytotoxic drugs and related cytotoxic waste
  7. Identify the health surveillance requirements for staff handling of cytotoxic drugs and related contaminated waste in your local setting
  8. Explain procedures for dealing with cytotoxic contamination of health professionals
  9. Demonstrate the correct management of a cytotoxic spill.


Intermediate / Advanced

Target audience

Nurses who are involved in handling cytotoxic drugs in their work.


Workforce Education and Development Group.


Uses 'spaced education' approach. Courses consist entirely of questions and answers. They are sent to you in small amounts (typically 1 or 2 a day) on a regular schedule via email, the Web or RSS. They can be accessed from a desktop browser or a mobile device such as an iPhone or BlackBerry. The program references the Safe Handling and Waste Management of Antineoplastic Drugs protocol in eviQ,  which should be used in conjunction with the WorkCover Cytotoxic Drugs and related Waste Guide 2008.

In order to finish the course, you need to retire all eight questions. A question becomes retired after you have correctly answered it twice in a row. If you get a question correct it will be given to you again in 14 days. If you get an answer incorrect it will be repeated after seven days.

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