Expected outcomes

The Advance Project aims to enable better health care outcomes in Australian general practices through:

  • enabling earlier consideration and uptake of advance care planning
  • enabling more efficient use of general practitioner and nurse time in providing palliative and supportive care
  • enabling more appropriate and timely referrals to specialist palliative care services if required
  • increasing confidence and comfort levels for primary care clinicians to initiate conversations with patients and their carers about advance care planning and palliative/supportive care
  • upskilling general practice managers to support general practitioners and general practice nurses to overcome any barriers to successful implementation of the Advance Project tools and resources into routine practice.

Palliative care online learning modules

Learning options

Online learning modules are available for General Practitioners (GPs), General Practice Nurses, and General Practice Managers. Learning modules are tailored to the responsibilities of the individual health professional. Content is based on application of the Advance Project Guide and evidence based tools to support advance care planning and assessment of patients and carers’ palliative and supportive care needs.

Available modules are:

  • eLearning for General Practitioners
  • eLearning for General Practice Managers
  • eLearning for General Practice Nurses.

Target audience

GPs, General Practice Nurses, and General Practice Managers.

For further information:

If you would like more information, or to register for the Advance Project, please visit: www.theadvanceproject.com.au

Last updated 13 August 2021