The CareSearch PubMed filters

Search filters are a search strategy developed by experts to objectively retrieve all possible items e.g. articles on a specific topic from a database. In this way everyone can conduct optimal searches even when they lack time or the skills of a specialist librarian. The Palliative Care Search Filter for PubMed, developed by the CareSearch project, was one of the first topic filters to appear. Since then CareSearch has used this expertise in the development of PubMed search filters to create these for a number of topics. Here you can access many of the search filters developed by CareSearch. If you want to use the Palliative care filter to quickly explore different related topics go to Quick Search.


These searches use the Bereavement Search Filter to find literature on a selection of topics relating to bereavement, in English, in PubMed.


These searches use the Dementia Search Filter to find literature on a selection of topics relating to dementia in palliative care, in English, in PubMed.

Costs of care

These searches retrieve literature from PubMed on costs and economics of palliative care on a broad basis, including costs for health systems and providers.

Heart failure

These searches use the Heart Failure Search Filter to find literature on specific heart failure issues, in English, in PubMed.

Lung cancer

These searches use the Lung Cancer Search Filter to find the lung cancer literature of relevance to palliative care within the PubMed database, in English.

Palliative care

The Palliative Care Filter has been used to create resources to help health professionals easily and effectively search for palliative care literature and evidence. 

Last updated 03 September 2021