Referring to Palliative Care

Raising the subject of palliative care can be hard. You and your family may find this, and so will some health professionals. Talking about death and dying can be stressful because many people feel it is easier to avoid the subject.

Palliative care can be helpful at any point when you are very ill. It can help with many issues. Palliative care alongside cancer treatment has been shown to help people live a bit longer. It also helped to improve quality of life and mood. 


People who provide palliative care give support to help you. This could be about medical treatment or about being cared for where you want.  You are involved in any planning of your care. The Palliative care team also recognise the role and needs of your family.

It is more helpful if you are referred early. For example, from the first diagnosis of a terminal illness. This referral can come from a health professional. You or your family members can ask to be referred. You can talk to your doctor about your need for support. You can contact your local palliative care service to ask them about referral.



  • Palliative Care Victoria has a Frequently asked questions section that has information on referring to specialist palliative care.


Last updated 24 January 2017