PC-What is Palliative Care?-ARCHIVED

Palliative care is a special type of care. It aims to support you to live well while you manage your illness. Palliative care can help when you are having active treatment. It can help when you have an illness that cannot be cured. It can help when you are dying.

Palliative care can help to improve your quality of life. This could be by controlling a physical problem such as pain. It could be by helping your emotional, social or spiritual needs. Palliative care supports you, your carer and family.

Many people who work in health can help to provide palliative care. Some may specialise in palliative care and work full time in that role. Others include palliative care as an ongoing part of their daily work. This includes GPs and aged care nurses. Each patient will have different people involved in their care. Visit our summary of What is Palliative Care? for more information to share with others.




  • The Center to Advance Palliative Care (US) has developed a podcast series called 'A Quality Life', which features real-life stories from the perspectives of seriously-ill patients who are benefiting from palliative care.
Last updated 18 March 2020